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The Consultancy on International Education (CIE) is an independent, and not-for profit organization dedicated to provide professional evaluation of foreign educational credentials and interpret academic qualifications through determination of equivalency and level within the educational system of the United States. The credentials evaluation service provided by CIE may be used for employment and career placement purposes, as well as professional board examination eligibility, or teacher certification.

CIE services and its expertise in foreign credentials evaluation, academic advising and university admissions are recognized nationally and internationally. CIE holds over 35 years of experience in the areas of credentials evaluation, professional writing, college and university admissions and recruitment, educational counseling and university placement, world travel and study abroad. The CIE Consultant for Foreign Credentials, while employed with a major state university in Illinois was an active member of AACRAO (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers) and NAFSA (National Association of Foreign Student Affairs: Association of International Educators) and has edited and authored publications for the mentioned organizations.

The CIE Consultant for Foreign Credentials has evaluated thousands of applicants for the Illinois CPA examination and the academic credentials of over 5,000 applicants for teacher certification to the Illinois State Board of Education in the span of 25 years as an official contractual agreement with the University of Illinois, yearly renewed from 1974 to 1999.

Professional licensing and certification boards as well as central management offices and legal representatives in the country have utilized and made referrals to services provided by CIE. Several universities in Texas, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, New Jersey, Georgia, Wisconsin, Illinois, Maryland, etc. refer their students to CIE.

Our turnaround time on evaluations of one to two weeks is faster than that of other agencies. Rush requests are accepted. Frequently, our clients contact us for clarification and advising even after the evaluation report is received. Providing this elective follow-up, consultative service is important.

To request an evaluation
After reading the instructions, you may print and complete the application. The application needs to be accompanied by the original certificates, diplomas, and degrees, plus the record of subjects and marks earned. Enclose the required fee(s). Please refer to the services and fee schedule.

Original documents will be returned if a self-addressed, postage-paid mailing envelope is provided by the applicant. A certified mail label should be included to guarantee safe and secured mailing.
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